Retouch Skopi
High class retouching of family photos. This is a retouch based on the wishes of all family members. The price includes detailed retouching of the skin, clothing, background and color correction.
Suitable for family photos, pregnancy photos, baby photos as well as individual stories and portraits.
My work
BeAuty retouching
Firstly, it is a very accurate and precise retouching of skin and makeup, preservation of details, attention to accents, style and naturalness. The price includes color correction, makeup, light hair retouching, natural skin retouching, your own wishes are taken into account.
Primarily, it means a scrupulous work with the general style of shooting, the image, clothing, accessories and skin retouching, preservation of textures and color depth. The price includes color correction, background, clothing, skin retouching and elimination of all flaws.
Fashion retouching
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